Here you'll find scripts, applications and tutorials to help you deliver great interactive web sites.

Dynamic Table

Dynamic Table is a light-weight javascript that adds high performance HTML table sorting to your web pages.

Cross Browser Event Handling

This article on Cross Browser Event Handling demonstrates a way to add one or more event handlers to an element while enhancing cross browser compatability.

Javascript Cookies

This Javascript Cookies article shows how you can create, retrieve and delete cookies.

Copy To Clipboard

Ever wanted to put some data into the clipboard so that your users can paste it somewhere else. This Copy To Clipboard function does exactly that.

Javacript Pop Up

This Javascript Pop Up Tutorial demonstrates a great technique that will allow you to add pop ups to your pages.

Browser Detection vs Object Detection

This object detection article shows the right and the wrong way to ensure your scripts will run in as many browsers as possible.

Javascript Compressor

Reduce the download time and bandwidth usage for your javascript files with this handy javascript compressor. It has the added bonus of obfuscating your source code, making it much harder for people to use your code if they steal it.

Get the mouse position in Javascript

The getMousePosition function will return the position of the mouse when a given event is generated.

Ajax Tutorial

This AJAX tutorial demonstrates a clean, threadsafe method for using AJAX to retrieve information.


If I had a penny for every time I've seen a post in a forum from someone wondering why their mouseout script isn't working properly I'd have an awful lot of pennys. The function provided on this page, isMouseLeaveOrEnter, will fix about 95% of the problems people have.

Javascript ReplaceAll

It's fairly common in javascript to want to replace all occurences of a substring within a string with some other string. This can be done with the replace function, but the use is far from intuitive. The Javascript ReplaceAll article examines different ways of doing this and the pro's and cons of each method.